Little League Coaching Tips from Greg Lindberg

Batter up! Summer is Little League baseball season. If you have experience playing the game, one way to give back to the community is by coaching a Little League baseball team.

Greg Lindberg has been a Little League baseball coach and volunteer umpire, so he has a keen eye for coaches.

How Do You Become a Successful Coach?


There are many considerations to decide upon before agreeing to coach. Most important; Why do you want to coach? Do you have a child on the team and the team needs a coach? Do you have experience coaching or playing the game? If you’re coaching for the right reasons, have the time, and are comfortable being responsible for 12-15 players, you’re probably making a good decision.

Here are tips from Greg Lindberg that you’ll also want to consider in order to be successful on the diamond:

Get Familiar with the League: Every baseball league will have its own rules and regulations. Get to know them beforehand.

Make Safety Your First Priority: Consult with the league’s safety officer or  league handbook to ensure you’re well-acquainted with all safety protocols.

Don’t Give Your Child Special Treatment: If you are considering coaching your child’s team, have a conversation with him/her beforehand, to make sure they are comfortable. Be sure to let them know that they will be treated the same as their teammates on the diamond.

Be Open to More Help: Even Major League managers have assistants. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other parents or friends, who can offer an additional set of eyes, as well as assist in managing practice.